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just smile
try that for me
go outside look at the sky
it's black
possibly raining
then go stand in the rain
throw one arm in the air and dance around like no one is watching
do the rain dance
trust me
it makes you feel amazing
laugh at yourself
go dance in the rain damnit!
let the rain wash the tears you cry down your face
realize this world isn't as big as you think it is
for all you know someone else could be standing out in the rain dancing with one arm in the air
next time i talk to you i want to hear about your rain dance
and i don't want it to be some fictional story
you do realize it will be hard for me to stop bothering you, don't you?
i don't want you to stop bothering me
i never said to stop bothering me
not that you bother me
but i don't want you to stop talking to me
i need you too
don't just leave it like that
we'll talk again
whether you like it or not
have fun in the rain
for me

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